Di Lido Island homes for sale Miami Beach


Di Lido Island is another one of the Venetian Islands, in fact the largest island among the chain of man-made islands within Miami Beach. The Venetian Causeway separates the Island into two distinct areas, East Dilido and West Dilido. You can find homes in a variety of architectural styles, either on the waterfront or inland. There is something for every taste and need from smaller chic style homes with large swimming pools, to grand multi-story waterfront mansions with their very own dock. Di Lido Island offers a wide range of different types of properties so even those with the most discriminating of tastes can find the perfect place to call home.


Di Lido Islands are distinctive for a variety of reasons. To those living in South Florida, the name “Venetian” means elegance and luxury. Many of these isles resemble the city of Venice, Italy, thus the name. There are Venetian resorts, Venetian restaurants and Venetian hotels all well known and each one setting a standard of excellence, elegance and luxury within their industries. And this tradition continues with the Venetian Islands, possessing the ultimate in residential developments. This grouping of man-made islands was created to develop luxury residential neighborhoods for those with the means and desire to build their dream home within very close proximity of Miami, Florida and everything the city offers.